Four 32+ Story Buildings at Langstaff and Weston Road

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Four 32+Story buildings at Langstaff and Weston Road

A developer has applied to build four residential apartment buildings on the lands bounded by Langstaff, Silmar Drive and Chrislea Road. (see the area outlined in red in the diagram below). The proposal is for two 35 storey towers and two 32 storey towers, for a total of 1,488 residential units.

The developer has submitted an application for a Community Infrastructure And Housing Accelerator (CHIA) with the Ontario government, which essentially will limit the ability for the public to provide adequate input on the application.


OWNER: Battcorp Holdings (Vaughan) Ltd. and Battcorp II Holdings (Vaughan) Ltd.

LOCATION: 661 and 681 Chrislea Road

FILE: CIHA.23.002 RELATED FILES: OP.23.011, Z.23.020 and PAC.23.030

Notice of Development Application.  Click here to view