The Weston Downs Ratepayers Association (WDRA) has hired Kagan Shastri, one of the top municipal law firms in Ontario, to represent our community in opposition to the 7-storey apartment building application at Velmar Plaza.

Thank you to the whole community for showing tremendous support in coming out to meetings and voicing your concerns. We need to protect the character of our community and our property values by legally opposing this proposal. The WDRA is currently raising funds to pay for the lawyer, planner, engineering studies and communication costs needed to defend our case.

Contributions of any amount will help the community fight the battle. We will ensure that your contribution is secure, private and used strictly for the benefit of the Weston Downs Community. The policies of the WDRA require us to provide transparency on the use of these funds. Full disclosure of the use of the funds will be provided to any contributor. More information about WDRA and the Velmar Centre Property Limited application can be found on the WDRA website

  1. Make a secure payment on our website through STRIPE using your credit card.  Click here
  2. Go to our GoFUNDme page located here
  3. We can also send two executive members to meet with you to pick up a contribution of cash or cheque by sending an email to this address:
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