Weston Downs Ratepayers Association Community News

Hired a Lawyer

The Weston Downs Ratepayers Association has hired Kagan Shastri LLP, one of the top Municipal Law firms in Ontario, to represent our community in opposition to this apartment building proposal. Our lawyer has told us that we have a strong case!

Click on the GoFundme link  help support us!

Funds collected will be used for lawyer, planner and communication costs.

Working together as one voice to protect our community.

Community Meeting

Councillor DeFrancesca is hosting a community meeting to obtain your input on the apartment building proposal. Planning staff and members of council are attending. The developer has been invited.

When: Thursday, November 21, 2019 @ 7 pm

Where: Vellore Village Community Centre, 1 Villa Royale Avenue

Please come out and let your voice be heard.
Bring your family and neighbours too.

Even if you prefer not to speak, your presence will speak louder than words.

No Approval

Contrary to rumours, the apartment application has NOT been approved and it is NOT a “done deal”. The City of Vaughan planners have not completed their report and have not made a recommendation.

The City of Vaughan Council is expecting a staff recommendation in December or January. They will then decide to support or reject the proposal. Before the decision, contact the Mayor and all Members of Council to give your input.

For this site, the Vaughan Official Plan 2010 (VOP) permits no greater than 4-storeys in height. The VOP stipulates that the proposal must be “designed to respect and reinforce the existing physical character and uses of the surrounding area”. With no opposition, the 7-storeys will be approved. If we legally oppose the proposal, we have a good chance of reducing it below the 4-storeys, based on the lack of respect for the character and attributes of the existing community.

Out of Character

The proposed apartment building is out of character with the rest of the Weston Downs Community. Go to www.westondownsra.ca to read the developer’s justification report as well as other information.

  • 7 storeys
  • 139 residential units
  • 615 𝑚2 ground floor commercial space
  • only 3 parking spaces at street level
  • 3 underground parking levels
  • 257 underground parking spaces
  • 452 sq ft to 904 sq ft apartments

The proposed 139 residential units would be built with a floor to ceiling height of 11 feet, instead of the standard 8 feet. This may be a tactic that has been used by other builders to increase the storeys after approval, by then changing the height to 8-foot ceilings. The overall height of the building would remain the same, but the number of storeys and units would increase.

Please come out and support your community.
Working together we can make a difference!