Letter from Councillor Mario Ferri supporting community

By October 26, 2021 City of Vaughan

Attention: Todd Coles, City Clerk


I would like to advise you, as the City Clerk, that I was unable to re-join the Council meeting of October 20th, following the Closed Session portion of the meeting for technical reasons.  I did intend to re-join the Council meeting but was unable to.


It is unfortunate that I was not able to connect, as I understand that I missed a recorded vote on the Velmar Centre Property Limited (Report 47, Item 3).  The following recommendations were voted on in the open session:

  1. THAT the Ontario Land Tribunal (“OLT”) be advised that Vaughan Council does not support the approval of the development applications for 4101 Rutherford Road (OP.19.003, Z.19.008 and DA.19.042 – collectively, the “Applications”);
  1. THAT external consultants be retained by Legal Services to support Council’s direction.

I would like to be on record as supporting these recommendations.  Had I been able join the Council meeting, I would have fully supported the recommendations and the recorded vote results would have shown my vote in favour of this motion.  The vote would have been 9 – 0 in favour of the motion.


Please ensure that this communication forms part of the official record from the October 20th, 2021, Council meeting, so that all parties are aware of my position on this important community matter.


Thank you,


Mario F. Ferri
Deputy Mayor
Local and Regional Councillor
905-832-2281, ext. 8989 | mario.ferri@vaughan.ca

City of Vaughan
2141 Major Mackenzie Dr., Vaughan, ON L6A 1T1