Thank you Woodbridge for coming out and supporting Weston Downs!

By September 18, 2019 City of Vaughan, Event, Public Hearing

Thank you to all the residents of Weston Downs and adjacent neighbourhoods for coming out and supporting us!  Wow… What a turnout!  The council chambers were packed and the overflow area had to be used to accommodate all of our supporters.

They put us last on the Agenda.  They didn’t give us enough chairs.  They didn’t even have speakers so that we could hear properly.  And they put us behind Doo Doo the Clown (no disrespect intended towards Doo Doo…) . But they kept an anxious group of Residents waiting.   But we persevered.  Voiced our opinion.  Sometimes Loudly.  But definitely we were articulate and passionate.

Thank you!  All of you were awesome!

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