Ratepayers Association – Public Hearing Position Letter

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81 Blackburn Blvd., Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 7JS
(905) 850-1767

Mayor and Members of Council
2141 Major Mackenzie Drive
Vaughan, Ontario
L6A 1T1

Official Plan Amendment File OP.19.003
Zoning By-law Amendment File Z.19.008
Velmar Centre Property Limited Applications
4101Rutherford Road

Dear Mayor and Members of Council,

We hereby oppose the approval of the Official Plan Amendment OP.19.003 and Zoning By-Law Amendment  Z.19.08 submitted by Velmar Centre Property Limited to permit the development of a 7-storey mixed-use residential apartment building that includes 139 residential units and 615 m2 of commercial space, at 4101 Rutherford Road.

We oppose the approval to the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law for the following reasons:

  • The proposed built form of this 7-storey building is not compatible with the built form of the surrounding community of single-family
  • This apartment is out of character with the neighbourhood. In fact this community was built as a cohesive community with minimum 60 foot lots and unique urban design guidelines. This apartment building will destroy the character of the community that we have loved and lived in for over three decades.
  • The density of this proposal is too high. Though the current Official Plan permits a density of no greater than 5 FSI, this applicant is proposing a density of 3.14 FSI.
  • This proposal will compound the current traffic issues that the Weston Downs community is experiencing with traffic Many residents who live to the north and west of Weston Downs cut through our residential streets in order to circumvent the gridlock on Weston Road during the morning and evening rush hours.
  • Weston Road and Rutherford Road already experience traffic issues. The current residents of Weston Downs have difficulty turning onto Rutherford Road in the morning not to mention adding an additional 200 or more cars to the problem of turning right or left onto Rutherford.
  • This tall and large apartment building will overshadow the tennis court and park which abut the proposed apartment building.
  • The tall and large apartment building will cast shadows on the houses that are across the street from this development.
  • There are only 3 parking spaces at grade with the remaining 257 parking spaces located in the 3 underground parking It is clear from this parking situation that this will no longer serve as a local convenience plaza for our neighbourhood. The residents of Weston Downs do not want to run in and out of our local stores by parking underground. The local plaza stores essentially will be unusable for our Weston Downs Community.
  • The access in and out of the apartment building complex will not work properly. It is currently difficult to go in and out of the plaza during the morning and afternoon rush since there is a line of cars along Velmar which infiltrate Weston Downs in order to bypass the gridlock on Weston Road and Rutherford Road. It is currently difficult for our current residents to leave their properties as they try to enter the gridlock on Velmar caused by infiltration during these times. How do you expect an additional 200 cars to do this in the morning and afternoon rush?
  • This proposal has directed the commercial space towards the Rutherford Road frontage indicating that they want to encourage a pedestrian friendly environment. This will accomplish the opposite. Without the commercial space on Velmar, our community of approximately 5000 residents will no longer have convenient access to our local plaza establishments.
  • It is too soon after the last VOP 2010 review to make such changes to the official plan. The City invested a significant amount of time and money into the VOP review and it is not appropriate for a developer to try to change what has just been approved just to increase their profits

In conclusion, we ask that Council turn down this application as presented based on the excessive density, traffic issues, ingress and egress issues as well as unsuitable built form. This proposal is not compatible with the character of the vibrant Weston Downs community. It will cause shadows and traffic issues that will serve to reduce the current resident’s enjoyment of their homes and community. This proposal will take away the convenience of visiting our local stores both because of parking issues, traffic and the relocation of the stores. Please do the right thing and support our residents by turning down this proposal.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours truly,

Nadia  Magarelli
Co-president, Weston Downs Ratepayers Association