Important Announcement: Weston Downs Ratepayers Association AGM

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August 15, 2019
7pm – 9 pm
Vellore Village Community
Center @  1 Villa Royale 
Woodbridge, Ontario L4H 2Z7

Stay tuned for more information.


  • Lisa Galifi says:

    I am a resident of Weston does . There is currently an application for a minor variance for change to zoning for two plazas in our community. One at Rutherford & Velmar and one at Aston’s & Weston road. Do you have the committee of adjustment meeting dates. I would like to attend the meetings . I am NOT in agreement with these changes.

  • anks says:

    this would make traffic situation worse. let everyone in the community be aware of this and come forward and discuss

  • Daniel says:

    I don’t understand why you people think development is a bad thing. It’s a plaza; horribly designed, your points are invalid, if anything having one less plaza will create fewer cars. Our low density caused more traffic not less.

    Weston downs isn’t a bubble, please stop treating it as such.

    • rsalerno says:

      The proposed building continues to have commercial space on the first level. The plaza does not go away. However, there is no above ground parking proposed for the building. Only below ground. Meaning, you park on the street and congest the street further or you park below ground. So your point about reduced Traffic makes no sense.

      Further more the proposed building will have 150+ family units. Thats a minimum of a 150 cars that you are adding to our subdivision. If you are a resident who lives on Velmar and Rutherford you know how bad the traffic is.

      This is not an argument about the Developers right to build. The Developer is currently allowed to build a 4 story building on the property. But the proposal is to build a 7 story building. Our argument is about changing a by-law that will affect all of Vaughan. Its an argument about making it easier to build High-Density buildings in a low density neighbourhood. If you follow this argument that means that there will be high density building going up on Astona and and the corner of Weston and Rutherford and many more areas in Vaughan. This will greatly change our neighbourhood.

      We are not a bubble… This is a bigger argument than just our Neighbourhood. This is a huge change!

  • Victoria says:

    We as residents in the area wish to hold our elected officials to the rule of law, and we are against uninformed developments, and developments that may be contrary to the orderly, efficient, commensurate and fair planning in relation to all other developments in the City.

    We are against any neglect of duty by any officials. We intend to ensure accountability and fairness to our community in relation to all other developments elsewhere in the City.

    We are not in our own bubble as we will see how City-wide developments are taking place under all applicable laws and policies. We want due process, nothing more, nothing less.

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